Amit Tulsiani

Sales - Area Manager

As an accomplished Senior Sales Consultant in men's custom clothing industry for the last 12 years, Amit has always observed the world through creative eyes, sensed nuances and appreciated both form and function. His is a position requiring perseverance, tenacity and negotiation encompassing excellent communication skills as he works with a diverse, high-profile and international customer base. Today, as a real estate professional, he is bringing those same skills and talent to an equally broad spectrum of clients. His passion for homes and Real estate grew when he and his wife bought their first “home” which is their haven. He feels it was the most beautiful and exciting feeling and wants his clients to experience the same. 

An extremely focused listener, able advisor and a Humanistic, Amit is admired and epitomised for his diligence, righteousness and tenacity. Harnessing positivity, encouragement and creating a platform for successful interactions is his forte. His immaculate ability to build rapport and stay connected is the key to his long-term personal and professional relationships and that same philosophy permeates his philanthropic life. 

Amit is passionate about the needs and goals of his clients and seamlessly uses his experience and foresight to address client expectations. Savvy negotiations and cutting edge marketing strategies combined with uncompromising Integrity, honesty and reliability are Hallmarks of Amit’s services. 

Married and a father of an eager beaver, Amit is native to the western suburbs. His undying love for Technology, Music, Culture, Sports and social opportunities makes him versatile and ultra talented.