Aria Ahuja

Sales - Area Manager

With an immaculate experience in dealing with clients, Aria is known to be an enthusiastic and a very friendly person. Her background with heading a marketing team for 4 years in a Corporate Business has exposed her to diverse set of clientele. After graduating in English literature as her major subject, she has worked as a senior customer service executive for 2 years which has enhanced her “paying attention to detail” skills. That, she believes is her strong point which would be her stepping stone to the ladder of becoming a successful Realtor down the years.

An ardent reader since childhood, she’s intrigued with the genre of fiction and sci-fi. Along with these traits she is also quite fond of swimming as she had been a national level swimmer back in India. She loves spending time with family and has recently been indulgent into cooking as she herself is a connoisseur of food.

Her approachability, professionalism and intelligence are widely acknowledged when it comes to her work. She aims to keep her vendors and buyers both pleased by achieving outstanding results for them.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” – R. Collier