Jessie Sukruam

Sales - Sales Assistant

Buying or selling a home is right up there with all those big decisions we make in life. Choosing the right agent is just so important in this process. You need someone who knows how it feels to be in your shoes. Someone who understands your position and your wants and needs. Jessie is that person. She worked for more than 15 years in her own business and bought and sold many properties. She understands that you want the best result possible. She knows how it feels when you sell a property and get the price you wanted or buy that home that you really have your heart set on. She knows because she has been there herself many times. She knows too well the highs and lows of buying and selling a home.

Jessie understands people and quickly relates to their wants and needs. She's a people's person. She will keep you informed all along the way. She understands the importance of communication, keeping you fully informed and explaining everything you need to know. She'll be there on your team 24/7 doing all she can to get you the result you're hoping for and once the process has finished, Jessie will still be there to take your call and help with those small problems that come along.

So if you're looking for an agent who sees helping you buy or sell a home as more than just a job, someone who can fully understand your wants and needs, then don't hesitate. Call Jessie now and get that team feeling happening. She's got what you need to make it happen for you because her favourite motto for what she does is, “There is no future in any job, the future lies in the person who does the job”