Raj Panjwani

Sales - Sales Associate

As an IT management professional and with a significant work experience in the industry, Raj offers our firm value with a promise for brilliant client support and professional conduct. Raj is a delightful character who will go above and beyond to meet the needs of his vendors and buyers, for he understands the value of the property and will do his due diligence to ensure that the property he is associated in dealing with gets the value it deserves.

Raj is a Bachelor of Electronics and Communication and a Master of Business Information Management and Systems from La Trobe University with a myriad of professional experience in the IT industry where he has demonstrated excellent client service while serving for client query handling at Hewlett Packard, India. His ability to handle the client requirements makes him ideal for our Sales force where he commits to meet the needs of both, the vendor and the buyer thus, ensuring that the job is well done to match the expectations thoroughly. Raj comes with a promise to build a rapport with his clients by working day and night making sure that he leaves them with nothing but “utter delight and satisfaction”, as he believes, “that’s what his job is”

Raj ensures transparency of figures while dealing with both parties and pays attention to detail, thereby meeting expectations and achieving satisfaction levels for is clients.

For any advice related to real estate, call Raj on 0447070777.


  • 2017 - Personal Assistant of the Year Sales - Finalist